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With one foot firmly in the world of the theatre, I could be forgiven for making flamboyant designs. But a keen sense of colour means I have always added a dash of the dramatic while still keeping my jewellery it wearable and fun.


Way back in the 80s as a drama student, I started customising vintage beads into new jewellery (‘retro’ hadn’t been invented!). I began making my own glass beads in 1996, which I continue to use in my jewellery for mainly one-off commissions and special short run themes for galleries and Designer / Maker fairs.




I started using millinery techniques a few years ago and have became well-known for making mini Fascinators (Frou Frous) which I've now gently retired 


My work these days is much more about making 'tiny glass stuff' for home and garden and includes toadstool plant decorations, miniature glass scenes in wee picture frames and my well-known Great Glass Advent Calendar which I count down annually on Instagram


This website is quietly retreating into the sunset to be updated very soon with a new one.


Meantime to see my latest designs please head over to Instagram and follow me for chat and cat pictures













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"Thank you so much for your attention to detail"

"Your jewellery makes me feel so cheerful!"

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